More business success through emotional Intelligence

Live your career - goals as a manager, employee or in a team.

Once you develop your skills, you'll get noticed, right?

With Emotional Intelligence, you learn to use and control your emotions effectively and to make optimal decisions.

Anke Breternitz
Anke helped me to skip two career levels
Jasmin E.
Jetzt IT Teamleiterin
My 14-person team has already achieved the annual goals after 8 months
Frank M.
Thanks to Anke, I have reconnected with my manager
Andrea W.
Personal & Business Coach
LIFO Practitioner
Emotional Intelligence Coach
28 years of experience in global businesses
5 Gründe, warum Sie mit mir arbeiten möchten


professional competence, many years of experience and continuously further education are my trademark.


I live my personal beliefs, standards, and values.


Open, straight, approachable! Efficient solutions are important to me.

Think, Feel, Act! Keep moving

How many of your intentions have not yet been approached? Let's tackle it!

Humor and Ease

Humor brings us closer. Laughing together is like surfing the same wave.

Use Emotional Intelligence for your life, like lemons for your health! 

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Identify Opportunities by using EQ as a Vitamin boost for a successful Coaching

Round concepts to strengthen your personal growth (The Big Picture)

Coaching across borders, international, remote and the coaching PLUS for design (Connecting the Dots)

Your Vision My Mission!

Hi, my name is Anke Breternitz! 

As a certified personal and business coach I support people, to find their appropriate resolution for conflicts and to achieve personal and career related goals, considering their individual psychological and systemic background.
I have worked many years in a large scale international company. My experience with people from different cultures and their individual traditions and backgrounds have perfectly equipped me with the necessary cultural understanding, methods and tools to partnering with you. 
I value and respect each person's uniqueness, and I am convinced that every person, every team and every organization has unused potential at their disposal. With your help my mission is to find that special something within you and to make use of it, focusing on your visons and goals. Goals can change quickly. With the knowledge of our strength, our vision and a fundamental structure in our lives, we can flexibly shape our goals and reach our full potential.



What is your special uniqueness, your special `feature´? Are you ready to find out? Here we go!


One of my specialties in coaching is helping you to increase your competences of emotional intelligence. In order to use our emotions effectively, navigating them is a key competence for interacting with people. Thus maintaining the motivation and drive for making optimal decisions. 

I coach.

Use Emotional Intelligence for your life, like lemons for your health!  

We develop your vision and set realistic goals together. We focus on implementation and tick off milestones, because success is the best motivator.

There is nothing that inspires and motivates us more than the intoxicating feeling of having successfully mastered a task. Motivation is therefore purely a matter of mind connected to realization, the review of achieved goals, this motivates us automatically. Inspiration begins in the mind, the completion of set milestones is a natural motivation.


I advise.

Your Vision is My Mission!

To remain competitive, we constantly adapt to new threats and opportunities. However, it also causes stress and anxiety. Clear communication and transparency are prerequisites.

I help organizations and executives build effective, fresh communication strategies that are perfectly tailored to your target audience. Actionable strategies that motivate, inspire and create commitment in onsite and remote teams to accomplish desired objectives.

I design.

Content is King, but presentation is Queen!

Not piecemeal ideas but thorough, complete concepts! In the age of digitalization and remote offices, it is especially important to bring authenticity and reveal your personality in your work.

Whether it is optimizing your application documents, personalizing or implementing your business presentation, I have skills honed in a demanding, top tier organization, to provide high quality, professional presentations fast! 

meet at eye level
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much more is yet to be done!

28 plus years of professional experience in a Fortune 100 international company. Communications Manager, Project Manager, Human Resource Process Specialist, Senior Executive Assistant, Trainer, Mentor, Coach. 

Human Resources Development, Talent Management, Change Management, Executive Training, Recruitment and Onboarding Processes, Project Management, Communication execution and Strategies, Employee Surveys, Event Management, Training Lead for HR tools such as Workday.

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full commitment!

Passionate people have a snowball effect on overall team enthusiasm, and commitment and outcomes. When I am passionate about a goal, I channel my emotions and all my energy to achieve the goal.

I have accompanied many people in their career journey, and have always experienced work as an enriching purpose. I am motivated by opportunities to make a difference and initiating positive changes.

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one never finishes learning!

The aim of coaching is not to present ready-made solutions or to squeeze your problems into cookie-cutter templates. A good coach accompanies you and guides the process of finding a solution. My personal commitment to continuous learning benefits you!

  • Personal and Business Coach 
    Content: Solution-oriented Coaching, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Schema Coaching, Hypno-Coaching, Systemic-Integrative Coaching (SGD, Dr. Migge, German Professional Association Coaching)
  • EQ Brain Profiler ( acc. by ICF)
  • LIFO Practitioner Coach (LIFO Products & Consulting GmbH & Co. KG)
  • Life Discovery Seminar
    by John Strelecky