Business Coaching

Being authentic in a professional environment is often a balancing act. Authenticity means acting according to your thoughts, emotions, needs, values, preferences and beliefs. Whoever acts authentically creates trust, motivation and commitment. A key to applied authenticity is the increase in emotional and contextual intelligence. 

Executive and Manager Coaching

Personal development, positioning and role design

Managers have to cope with a multitude of complex tasks. They have to demonstrate professional competence and leadership.

New managers, in particular, have to be aware of the skills they need improvement in. In addition to leadership skills, good managers also inspire with their personality and authenticity.

During coaching, we clarify the expectations your manager, your team and your peers have of you. We examine the balance between professional and managerial competence in order to do justice to both sides and develop strategies for dealing with any role conflicts. As a rule, executive coaching aims to improve the performance of a manager and in turn, the productivity of the team being led. In my opinion, genuine pleasure in being a people manager is the most important driver in being a successful leader.
The coaching method depends on the defined goal.

SMARTER Communication!

Anke Breternitz

Creating closeness despite distance

Communicating things clearly, briefly and precisely is conducive, but in principle it is important to arouse interest and commitment with the help of emotions.

Whether your communication is good, you can quickly see whether the action you want is taking place. In the communication with international teams, cultural misunderstandings often occur.
As a cultural ambassador, I offer coaching to create proximity here. Repeatedly questioning of HOW, WHEN, WHAT and TO WHOM will be communicated, is fundamentally a good strategy. I am convinced that teams from different cultures with their traditions are a win!

Coaching for groups and individuals:
Email efficiency coaching (90 min)
Setting up a presentation (90 min)
DRY-run, holding effective presentations (body language, flow) 

Method Emotional and contextual intelligence as a basis

Creative competences

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Content is King,
but Presentation is Queen

Design, personalization and implementation of your business presentations with a professional expressive attractive look to communicate persuasively and effectively with your customers.

In the age of digitalization and remote office concepts, it is especially important to bring authenticity and personality into your work. Companies often lack the necessary resources to design a presentation in an dynamic effective look. A presentation is like a business card and should represent you and your company professionally. I help you to get your points across in a memorable way.
Revamp and Polishing of existing presentations (visuals, content, structure and design)
Creating new presentations (advice on structure, storyline, fitting of content, suggestions for visuals)
Bonus: Coaching practice trial run (body language, delivery)
Prices based on effort, Express Service by arrangement

EQ in Business!

Anke Breternitz Business Coaching

Selfmarketing! Do you know your Brain Style?

Do you use your Emotional Intelligence skills efficiently in your day-to-day work? Did you know that EQ is a learnt and measurable skill set?

Learn how to apply emotional intelligence at work using a certified technique. 
What is emotional intelligence and how to apply it. Understanding your brain style using a certified questionnaire. Learn how to identify different brain styles to collaborate with your colleagues, employees and managers more effectively. The coaching process is complemented with an introduction to SMART goals.

Target groups: managers, employees, assistance

Optimize your strengths!

Anke Breternitz

Manage your strengths successfully!

Everyone can learn to consciously develop their personal strengths and use them effectively for success. Quite often, our strengths can be both a plus and a minus, if it is carried to extremes. Learn techniques to help you maximise your strengths, and avoid extremes in behaviour that are offensive to others.

With the LIFO method, it is possible to adapt well to different situations and connect with interlocutors better and faster. This will allow you to act and communicate in more productive and effective ways. In unfavourable situations an `overdose´ of strength can quickly become a weakness.

The LIFO method is a practical way of examining the linkages between your intent, behaviour and consequences by using a certified context-specific questionnaire: life orientation, leadership styles, sales styles, learning styles, teaching styles, styles of another person

Human Resources coach!

Supporting your employees in the exit process

Unfortunately, a manager or a HR manager’s job sometimes includes executing a company mandated redundancy plan.

As a manager or personal manager, you are at the forefront of the termination process. Supportive words and empathy are usually not enough.
Employees who are being terminated need practical support for the next steps.
Over a period of approx. 4 weeks, I offer coaching with the following topics:
Psychological counselling; Brainstorming and exploring possibilities; Network and profile development (Xing, LinkedIn); Completion of digital application documents; Interview training; Bonus: Preparing for the first interview
Coaching: 5 sessions (90 min each)


Prices on request. I will be happy to send you an individual offer.

Individual Coaching

Professional and private interests often cannot be separated and they influence each other. Click here for Private Individual Coaching.