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A dream written down becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action becomes reality.

A long-term and sustainable change can only take place if you work it out yourself, with a professional coach at your side.

Possible topics

Popular topics:

  • Life phases and Change - How life writes, transitioning to your next phase (career and private)
  • Career planning and change - What fulfills me
  • Crisis Management - Increased Resilience
  • Self-efficacy and reinventing yourself – search for new options, vision of the future, where does the journey go? What do I want to achieve?
  • Boosting Emotional Intelligence - The key competence for dealing with people
  • I also offer packages on the topics - Jobsearch and reorientation, emotional intelligence and strengthen resilience

How we work together

Anke Breternitz Business Coaching

Mutual respect, empathy and appreciation are the prerequisites for our cooperation.

We introduce ourselves and discuss the details of your request in a short, no obligation phone call.

You then decide in peace whether you want to work with me.

The coaching is supported with some homework to help you get maximum value from the session(s). At the end of the course, we reflect on what you have achieved through the coaching.

I will touch base after 3 months to check on your progress.

Where I coach

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The coaching can be designed quite flexible.

We can meet in person, via phone, video, or even outdoor, so I focus on your time window and your well-being.

Your Investment

90 minute session

1 Sitzung €160,- zzgl. Mwst
Packages are discounted

Nothing in for you?

I will be happy to recommend another coach according to your needs.


Find a range of coaching packages here. Topics can also be booked individually.

Job search and Career change

Anke Breternitz Konzept

You are looking for a change in your career or you are looking for a new job and need help to dare the first steps?

I can help you get prepared with the right mindset and practical help. This complete package helps you to quickly prepare for your job search with professional, visually sophisticated application documents.

Psychological counselling,
Brainstorming possibilities and identifying your success factors,
Network and profile setup (Xing, LinkedIn), Flourishing and finishing of digital application documents,
Interview training,
Bonus: Preparation for the first interview

(approx. 4-6 weeks time window)
6 sessions à 90 MIN / € 840,-

Emotional Intelligence.
What is your Brain Style?

Emotional intelligence is a hero competency for dealing with people!

Ask yourself: Am I really using all of my skills to be happier, stronger and more effective, both professionally and personally? We often react emotionally on autopilot. Wouldn't it be helpful if we could understand our feelings and communicate more effectively? I can help you understand your preferred brain style and recognize differences in other people so that you can interact and communicate more successfully.

What is Emotional Intelligence and how does it work?
Identify your Brain style based on a certified questionnaire.
Debrief and set of SMART goals to strengthen your pillars,
4 sessions à 90 MIN / € 560,-


You never lose your strength. Sometimes you just forget you have it.

How do you deal with crisis? Life can be a rollercoaster. What are your anchors and supporting pillars when you are in turmoil? Together we explore your personal resilience pillars and set goals to strengthen them. Being aware of our inner strength helps us to be at peace in times of crisis, and can even help us to emerge stronger from the crisis.

Exploring your pillars and sources of resilience, Assessment,
SMART goals to strengthen your pillars,
4 sessions à 90 MIN / € 560,-