I am what I am

Anke private

In 1969 I was born in the beautiful Thuringian Forrest and grew up in a small idyllic place. As a child, I always dreamed of travelling the world and getting to know other cultures and traditions. In 1989 I packed a suitcase and moved to the south of Germany. I have found my new home here and have lived in the Stuttgart area for more than 30 years.

What excites me


Actually, I feel at home all over the world, I have made my dreams come true of travelling the world, I have seen many countries and have met great people , close friendships have developed despite distance.

Nordic Walking

To compensate, I love Nordic Walking in the morning. Always listening to an audiobook or Freddie Mercury while dancing through the fields.


Creativity inspires and completes me. As a child, I wanted to become a painter. My feeling talent for colours and shapes will be reflected in your PowerPoints or application documents.

Theater, Concert Halls - Light & Design Technician

With heart and soul I worked for many years for a gospel choir THE UNION, as a concert manager, at the improvisational theatre LES DOUZE LEGERES, as a lighting technician and my favourite project, the comedy trio BACKBLECH, as a light designer and technician. Being able to work with these talented people has always made me very grateful but I admit also a bit proud.


My hunger for knowledge is huge. I am always looking for new ideas and insights, whether through the Internet, Social & Business Media (only good news please!), movies, music, technologies. I love what ever makes my life more colourful and easier.

I just love Lemons

For me (quite personally), the lemon stands for CLARITY (things have to be explored thoroughly, even if it gets 'sour'), FRESH (convert old habits and beliefs positively) and the SUN (a good portion of vitamins and confidence to master life).  

A lemon just makes everything better!

Why Coaching?

In 2018 I received a book recommendation, 'The Big Five for life' and 'The WHY Cafe' by John P. Strelecky. I was fascinated by his personal story and his books.

The philosophy behind: is that every person is responsible for his/her own life. Every day we have the opportunity to make a decision, and reorient our live. But we often face the question: what is really important? To develop, we first need to be aware of our own values. These personal values determine the view of one's own life – WHAT we do, HOW we do it and WHY we do it.

In one of his seminars, I worked out my `Big Five for Life´, my 5 life goals and the POE (purpose of existence). The `Big Five for Life´ are the personal dreams and desires of the heart. They give us back our deep inner orientation.

My Big Five for Life

I support people on their journey to find their vitamin boost for their soul and satisfaction!

Leading with passion, creativity and quality, these are my trademarks and flow into my work.

Energy and further development - physical and mental fitness is integrated into my daily routine!

Motivation and Confidence - I draw my courage, strength and love from the time I spend with friends and family.

Openly and committedly, I support humanitarian projects and enable children to get their fundamental right to education.

Navigate, motivate and inspire others to develop clarity and embrace change, a coaching with heart and open mind.

What people say

„Anke is a true „full package“ of skills with a very unique sense of cultural awareness and emotional intelligence. Anke drives with passion, integrity, high quality and always looking for ways to get better and help the whole teams to improve. It’s a dream support for any executive regardless of the geographic location as Anke is extremely savvy to work with different time zones and be productive regardless of distance. From HR matters, performance monitoring, technology savvy to mentoring, Anke is able to do it all extremely well…“

Vice President of Finance

„Anke is an incredible and exceptionally talented individual. I have had the privilege of working with her for several years and would recommend Anke for many roles. She is determined, professional, incredibly competent and moreover a wonderful person to work with. She has attention to detail and is proactive, and I would have her on my team any day of the week! I have enjoyed working with Anke.“

Chief Transformation Officer and Chief Financial Officer

„I have worked with Anke for the past 8 years. Not only is she very good at her job of supporting a senior leader she has taken the executive assistance role to the next level. The skills that Anke has are strong project management skills, HR compliance skills, tell team leader and innovation. Anke is able to take an old process, update, automate and make the entire process run smoothly. I would highly recommend her for any organization she will instantly be a talent upgrade.“

Global Director, Human Resources

„I have been fortunate to know Anke for many years and have worked particularly close with her in my role as Head of EMEA Finance. Anke is always full of energy, hardworking, very proactive and creative and has great attention to detail. She has greatly contributed to improving and driving communication across Finance. A pleasure to know and work with.“

Senior VP and Global Controller

„I’m honored to share my experience partnering with Anke. She is the „soul“ of our organization in a way she leads, facilitates and manages many of our communication projects. She is proactive and collaborative. She also applies „Design Thinking“ well with strong stakeholder and „customer“ mindset. She helps all of us „Imagining the Future“, she „Inspires the Team“, and she „Makes things happen.“

Senior Director

„Anke is an charismatic, committed professional who delivers quality with integrity in all she does. When she partners on efforts she engages, consults, informs and follows through. Anke watches for where she can help others succeeds and provide expert advice to elevate results. Her best practices supports positive outcomes and often become part of the operation. Anke is an key contributor in anything she does and with whomever she enters a collaborative process.“

Senior Manager Strategy and PMO