Your Vision My Mission!

Clear. Conceptual & Methodical . Executed

Once you have decided to be coached by me, our journey begins now to work together professionally on your topics. This is of course based on the premise of your willingness to look at, focus on and deal with your issues to come to a better understanding and improvement. What is important to me is explained below.

5 reasons why you want to work with me


professional competence, many years of experience and continuously further education are my trademark.


I live my personal beliefs, standards, and values.


Open, straight, approachable! Efficient solutions are important to me.

Think, Feel, Act! Keep moving

How many of your intentions have not yet been approached? Let's tackle it!

Humor and Ease

Humor brings us closer. Laughing together is like surfing the same wave.


The best way to reach clarity is to exchange thoughts and ideas. We need to talk! Coaching offers guidance along that way, we connect `our inner drive´ and our values with emotions and attitudes. 

The first step into this process is to face, name and understand the problem. My experience, empathy and intuition for the unspoken helps explore your topic and define realistic goals for a solution- and a results-oriented approach. 



What exactly do you enjoy? What motivates you? What are the fields you are successful in? What is it exactly that makes you special and unique?

Since your personal situation is unique the coaching method has to be too, made to fit your needs, to find and develop your solution strategy matching your individuality.

In order to approach your topics effectively, I work with scientifically, psychologically and practice-relevant methods and conversation techniques.

Keep moving

Your thoughts go round and round in circles and the rumbling just doesn't want to end. A thought carousel - time to get into action! 

Within your expectation, new ideas can be designed and tested that meet your needs in the here and now. I encourage you to try new things out, this way you increase your self-efficacy and create self-confidence. With every step, however small, new perspectives and possibilities open up.

Coaching Methods

Good communication is a core competence of Emotional Intelligence.
Did you know that 70% of communication in a professional context is crucial to the success of a companyConclusion: Increasing this automatically leads to success.

Among the classic, established and proven coaching methods, I am specialized in coaching to `increase emotional and contextual intelligence´ and I work as a LIFO practitioner, `successfully managing strengths´.

emotional Intelligence

Autopilot OFF, Emotional Intelligence ON!

Emotional intelligence ("EQ") is the ability to effectively use, navigate emotions. It is the key competence for dealing with people and serves to maintain the drive and motivation in order to make optimal decisions. People who increase their EQ will be happier, stronger and more effective professionally and personally. The theory according to Daniel Goleman contains 5 components: self-confidence, self-regulation, internal motivation, empathy and social skills.

In a nutshell: Being Smarter with feelings!(by Joshua Freedman, CEO 6seconds). 

SixSeconds is the world’s largest network of emotional intelligence practitioners, researchers, and experts. Six Seconds’ solutions are life-changing – and empower people to take ownership of a positive future. The Method has been successfully used globally in large scale companies for more than 20 years. As a certified Brain Profiler Coach I have access to the method, reports, case studies and the surveys.

Contextual Intelligence

Consciousness that is attuned to cultural differences.

Contextual intelligence (or practical intelligence) is the individually specific ability to adapt to the culturally influenced environment. It aims at surviving, satisfying needs, to select it and, if possible, to change it. Contextual intelligence is particularly conducive to the global business environment. Trends, patterns and signals in an ever changing market must be recognized, communicated effectively and skilfully maneuvered around, taking into account cultural differences and their traditions. It is required to keep an eye on the big picture and connect the dots individually.

In a nutshell: Consciousness that is attuned to cultural differences.

As a `cultural ambassador´ I help you find access to these skills to promote the engagement in your team.


Manage your strengths successfully!

Most people aren’t utilizing their strengths properly. Are You? The positive idea of the LIFO® method is that every person can learn to consciously develop personal strengths and to make them flexible. LIFO promotes positive behavioural change by providing strategies for managing strengths effectively, resulting in greater versatility and productivity. This approach also encourages appreciating and working with others whose strengths are different.

In personnel and organizational development, the LIFO® method has been successfully used worldwide for more than 50 years in coaching, training, workshops and consulting projects aiming at getting better in mastering challenging situations and to find future oriented solutions more quickly.

As a certified LIFO Practitioner, I support you with powerful tools and insightful ways to empower your individual strengths.